Cutting Board Films

is a Beirut Based Post Production House offering a full spectrum of Post Production services. Our office has become ‘home’ to directors and filmmakers from all over Lebanon and the Middle East.

After gaining more than twelve years of experience in the field, Senior Editors/ Post Production Managers: Desiree Abou Jaoude and Soha Shukayr decided to unite their expertise and open ‘Cutting Board Films’ with the most renown team in: Editing, 2D & 3D Compositing, Retouching, Color Grading, Character Animation, Sound Design and Mix.

Cutting Board Films is always eager to deliver the Highest Quality and best content. Any project you bring home to us, we consider ours! That is why we are eager to give our input and experience in the Creative Process; The most positive vibes guaranteed.

Visit our office to discuss your coming projects, Bring your baby home!

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